Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Details from Senator Al Simpson's DC Book Signing Event

On Thursday, February 16, I cohosted an event in honor of the publication of a book about Senator Alan K. Simpson,  my former boss,  entitled:  "Shooting from the Lip".  I served as his Chief Counsel during his last six years as Senate GOP Whip. It was  a tremendous experience.  We remain great friends today. The book was written by his former chief of staff, Don Hardy, who had unprecedented access to Al's diaries and other personal documents. This was the first major "roll out" of the book in DC.  Lots of friends of Ann and Al Simpson were there--both Democrats and Republicans, and media folks, too. It was great fun! A link to an article about the event is below.  Also the link contains an entertaining video of Al's comments that evening.  His wonderful humor and candor make him a beloved figure in America.  (There is even an unauthorized Simpson for President in 2012 movement!) .  Al talks about the importance of bipartisanship, why "compromise" shouldn't be a a bad word, and does shout outs to a variety of friends in attendance like former VP Dick Cheney, Congressman John Dingell, former DOT Secretary Norm Mineta, former Senator Chuck Robb, journalist Nina Totenberg, and even my wife and me.  Am also attaching a photo taken of me talking with Sam Donaldson, Secretary Mineta, and Congressman Dingell.

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